About Me

Dr. Peter E. Bouwma

In addition to my work in graphic design, I am also trained as a research scientist and educator. I received my Ph.D. in Biology from Florida State University where I worked with Dr. Bill Herrnkind. After my tenure at FSU, I moved to Clemson University for 2 years and a postdoc with Dr. Michael Childress. I am currently living with my wife in Germany as she completes a postdoc and have decided to expand my hobby of graphic design into something more substantial. As a behavioral ecologist with a concentration in marine systems, I have been studying animal communication for years, particularly between predators and prey. My dissertation, “Aspects of Antipredation in Panulirus argus and Panulirus guttatus: Behavior, Morphology, and Ontogeny” investigated acoustic and chemical modes of communication between spiny lobsters and their many different predators.

I have also long been interested in how we as humans interact with each other, particularly through visual and oral communication.
This interest started as an undergraduate when I took a class on communication design and expanded throughout graduate school as I witnessed both effective and ineffective techniques for presenting information to students and colleagues. During this time I also witnessed the increased role of the internet in our lives as scientific professionals and how effective it can be as a tool to present our work. We are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet as a source of information (google scholar, web of science, library collections, etc.) and I feel it is important as scientists to make your work as accessible as possible to everyone (without revealing any work in progress, of course). I have started Bouwma Communication Design to help other scientists do just that.

There are many different ways to accomplish this goal and together we can figure out what will work best for you. Contact me by email:, telephone: 410-698-6334, or with this handy web form, and I can get to work for you.