Course Title: JSMC Scientific Writing

Dates: Tuesdays, 12 Apr - 31 May, 8:30

Description: While all scientists are required to conduct research for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, few of us get much formal instruction on how to do this effectively. Although all scientists learn how to write in this style over time, through trial and error, the process does not need to be so difficult. In this course we will provide insight into the scientific writing process, hopefully cutting down both the time and effort required to produce a quality piece of work for submission to the journal of your choice.
  • Objective 1: To improve your written communication skills, specifically in regards to papers intended for peer-review and publication in journals.
  • Objective 2: Improve your English writing skills through instruction and practice.


Dr. Peter E. Bouwma

Education: Ph.D. Biology, 2006, Florida State
Phone: 0174-363-0006